Natural Skin Care Trio -  Moringa & Lemongrass
Natural Skin Care Trio -  Moringa & Lemongrass

Natural Skin Care Trio - Moringa & Lemongrass

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Time to treat yourself to an all over Moringa & Lemongrass natural skin treatment.

The renowned healing herb, moringa, is a truly incredible anti-oxidant, rich in enzymes & provides natural food for your skin.  Coupled with fragrant anti-inflammatory lemongrass, it's a powerful remedy for aging skin.

1. Face Scrub

Organic black rice, moringa, lemongrass and finely ground organic white sesame in an alkalizing Thai ancient mineral salt base.  Gentle and deep cleansing.

2, Body Scrub

Easy to use - simply wet your skin with warm water and scrub lightly with your open hand for up to 5 mins.  Rinse with cool water and pat dry.

Rice starch has been proven in clinical studies to increase the natural moisture of skin by up to 11%.  

3. Face Mask

Deep cleaning bentonite clay draws out trapped dirt and oils from the lower layers of the skin and allows the natural healing to begin.  Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory moringa & lemongrass work their magic gently while you relax.  20 mins is all you need.

Our mask & scrubs won't damage or clog your bathroom's drains and won't harm Mother Earth nor her fragile waterways.  

Packaging: moisture-proof foil pack

Contents: 3 sachets each of Net 50g



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