Insect Repellent 100% Natural Total Care Set

Insect Repellent 100% Natural Total Care Set

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Organic neem extract efficiently repels dangerous disease carrying mosquitoes which transmit malaria & Dengue Fever.  Our formula uses neem extract sourced sustainably from our social enterprise with displaced & refugee people along the Thai Burma border.  We blend our neem with 5 essential oils to ensure efficacy and potency.  100% natural, NO DEET, chemical free formula, tried & tested here in our tropical mosquito paradise.  Protect yourself naturally.

Ingredients: Organic neem extracted into pure ethyl alcohol, Lemongrass essential oil, Basil essential oil, Clove essential oil, Phlai essential oil & Citronella essential oil.

Packaging: recyclable, aluminium spray bottle & aluminium flask with safety cap & internal stopper

Contents: 100 ml net for spray & 500ml net for refill flask

Bug Bite Balm

An ultra-cooling, soothing balm for insect bites and itchy skin.  Contains essential oils to calm inflammation & swelling, and menthol to stop the itching.  The natural beeswax base promotes rapid natural healing without scarring.

Ingredients: Natural Thai beeswax, Pure rice bran oil, Ginger essential oil, Basil essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Menthol.

Packaging: recyclable alloy metal tin

Contents: 25 g net

We regret that this product currently ONLY ships within Thailand due to Covid-induced shipping restrictions on liquids internationally. 


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