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The armed conflict along Burma’s borders is described as one of the longest civil wars in recorded history.  Since 1948, the conflict has raged and created generations of dispossessed, landless people, many of them technically stateless and without an internationally-recognized identity.  It’s not a big news story and goes largely unreported.  The politics are convoluted at best, and often mask and distract us from the real people: maimed, widowed, orphaned, indigenous, displaced, ‘illegal’ wherever they try to live.  They eke out an existence along Thailand’s mountainous border frontier with Burma, which remains one of the most-heavily-landmined borders in the world today.

Our Organic Frontiers Collection was created to provide a source of income for these disenfranchised people; those who have no longer have lands to farm but who live in pristine organic mountain forests where they have foraging rights as indigenous people. Thai law generously allows individuals to sell herbs up to a certain value without requiring registration or taxation.  

The Organic Frontiers Collection deliberately pushes at the frontier of what “organic” actually means.  We challenge and refute traditional “certified organic” labels where land ownership is a prerequisite, where only 10% organic content qualifies you for USFDA ‘organic’ certification and where money talks.  We know we are offering you some of the finest, purest organic products in the world.  We will, in the coming months as we consolidate, be creating organic transparency using blockchain technology.  We are thrilled to be partnering with the Karen Department of Health and Welfare, the Karen Women’s Union and the Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People to train local indigenous and refugee Karen people to be part of the organic supply chain for Pure Thai Naturals.

Your support of The Organic Frontiers Collection is the beginning of providing a sustainable livelihood for these very vulnerable people.

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