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Pure Thai Naturals

Neem & peppermint combine with fragrant Thai lemongrass for smoother feet, cracked heels and over-dry skin.  Naturally anti-fungal.  Organic, sustainable, fair trade & cruelty free.
Thai Healing Balm Gift Box.  Traditional Thai beeswax balms - warming & cooling - for natural wellness & healing. Organic, sustainable, fair trade & cruelty free.  Eco-paper box, no plastic, recyclable packaging.
Pure Pleasure intimate massage oil.  Organic, fair trade, sustainable & cruelty free. Safe, gentle, nourishing, non irritating.  Perfect for people experiencing dryness, for after childbirth or for more comfortable shared pleasure.

Shop to Change the world

Choosing natural, sustainable products every time you shop doesn't just improve your wellbeing - it creates jobs, protects our environment & is a HUGE vote against harmful chemicals, exploitation & a throw-away society. Pure Thai Natural Co Ltd hand-makes sustainably here in Northern Thailand using herbs sourced from indigenous & displaced Karen people.