Clean Hands Care Pack #2

Clean Hands Care Pack #2

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Convenient 50ml Purse-Pocket Pack with environmentally-responsible refill pack.  And paired with our popular beeswax Intensive Skin Repair Balm, for overnight deep skin nourishment & repair.

Our alcohol hand cleansing liquid-gel, is a cut above most.  It contains:

- 70% by volume plant-based ethyl-alcohol 95 - surgical & food grade;
- Colloidal silver;;
- Freeze-dried, chemical free aloe vera extract to moisturize & heal;
- Naturally disinfecting tea-tree essential oil;
- Naturally disinfecting & anti-inflammatory lemongrass essential oil,
- Pure vegetable glycerin.

Gentle on your hands to preserve the skins natural surface integrity - an important part of your body's immune system!!

Packaging:  50ml recyclable & refillable aluminium purse-pocket pack with pump and clear cap;  250ml recyclable aluminium refill pack with safety cap and inner stopper.

Intensive Skin Repair Balm.

A rich, nourishing beeswax balm to soothe, heal and treat over-dry, damaged and sensitive skin.

Vetiver Essential Oil for scarring and calming skin outbreaks, combines with pure Vitamin E and pure cold-pressed Moringa Oil.  The natural Thai beeswax contains healing enzymes and is blended with pure cold pressed coconut oil and premium rice bran oil.  Perfect for overnight skin treatments on the face & hands.  Great as a protective balm against windburn for cycling, motor biking & outdoor sports.  Allows skin to breathe naturally.

Gentle, non-stinging and non-irritating.  Use often but very, very sparingly on damaged skin.

Ingredients: Natural Thai beeswax, Pure cold pressed virgin coconut oil, Premium rice bran oil, Vetiver essential oil, Moringa Seed oil, Pure Vitamin E.

Packaging: Recyclable alloy tin.

We regret that this product currently ONLY ships within Thailand due to Covid-induced shipping restrictions on liquids internationally.