Detoxing Body Oil Ginger, Orange & Sesame 500ml

Detoxing Body Oil Ginger, Orange & Sesame 500ml

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The skin remains one of the primary detoxing organs in our body, and Pure Thai Natural's Detoxing Oil has been specially formulated to encourage the release of those chemicals and waste products which congest & impede our natural health.  Ginger essential oil increases circulation, encourages detoxification and reduces inflammation/redness, whist sweet orange oil reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure and helps dilate the blood vessels.  Organic cold pressed sesame oil helps the skin absorb the oils efficiently whilst nourishing, protecting and reducing inflammation.  The Pure rice bran oil base light, sustainable, completely fragrance free and naturally high in Vitamin E and powerful anti-oxidants.

Detoxing Body Oil Ginger Orange Sesame is light, non greasy & deliciously fragrant.  Use for all-over daily natural skin care or for massage.  It's our favourite natural choice for abdominal or Chi Nei Tsang massage treatment, and the science certainly supports us on that!  

Ingredients: Pure rice bran oil, Organic cold-pressed black sesame oil, Ginger essential oil, Cold pressed sweet orange oil. 

Packaging: recyclable aluminium flask with internal safety stopper.

Contents: 500ml net

We regret that this product currently ONLY ships within Thailand due to Covid-induced shipping restrictions on liquids internationally.