Body Scrub - Black Rice, Neem & Ginger - 50g

Body Scrub - Black Rice, Neem & Ginger - 50g

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A fragrant, gentle body scrub to exfoliate, deep cleanse, detox, stimulate circulation and help encourage the growth of new skin.  Our scrubbing agents are ground organic black rice, organic black sesame seeds and fair trade Thai ancient mineral salt.  Blended with anti-oxidant & healing organic powdered neem leaves to help heal blemishes, promote skin renewal and ginger to reduce redness and reduce inflammation in the skin. 

Rice starch has been proven in clinical studies to increase the natural moisture of skin by up to 11%.  

Our scrub won't damage or clog your bathroom's drains and won't harm Mother Earth nor her fragile waterways.  Easy to use - simply wet your skin with warm water and scrub lightly with your open hand for up to 5 mins.  Rinse with cool water and pat dry.

Ingredients: Organic black riceberry rice, Thai ancient mineral salt, Organic black sesame seeds, Organic neem leaves, and Thai ginger.  

Packaging: moisture-proof foil pack

Contents: net 50g



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