Intensive Skin Repair Balm 80g

Intensive Skin Repair Balm 80g

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A 100% natural beeswax balm for over-dry, damaged and troubled skin.  Contains Vetiver essential oil, pure Moringa Oil and pure Vitamin E.  Helpful for cracked, scaly skin.  Gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin.  Vetiver oil has been shown in clinical studies to be helpful in treating both psoriasis and eczema.

A wonderful overnight skin treat to deep moisturize and help rehydrate your skin while you sleep.  A perfect face treatment for over dry and mature skin.

It's also a wonderful preventive balm when heading into the great outdoors, especially cold, dry and windy conditions.  Super helpful for cyclists and motor bike riders, swimmers and anyone playing sport outdoors.  The rich balm will protect the skin but, unlike traditional petrochemical barrier creams, will still allow the skin to breathe and sweat.  A wonderful preventative treatment balm for long distance runners and extreme sports people - or simply people whose 'bits' rub together uncomfortably.  Mild and safe for facial use, and more private places.

Ingredients: Natural Thai beeswax, Pure rice bran oil, Cold pressed Extra virgin organic coconut oil, Vetiver essential oil, Pure organic moringa oil and Pure vitamin E.

Packaging: recyclable alloy metal tin

Contents: 80g net

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